"Enterprise confidant" implements the work of enterprise confidant with three "first time" in the action |

来源:   时间: 2023-08-30 16:26
  Zhai Xiaohui, deputy director of the Emergency Bureau, is the "enterprise confidant" of Jilin Jinhan Building Decoration Materials Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jinhan Company).。He implemented the work of enterprise confidants in three "first time" to solve problems for enterprises。
  First, the first time to pay attention to the status quo of enterprise development
  Since the work of "nine solutions and one coordination" was carried out, Zhai Xiaohui went to the scene for the first time to docking enterprises and understand the status quo of enterprise development in detail。Jinhan Company is a planning enterprise, mainly producing aluminum veneer, metal products, construction scale, advanced production equipment。2020Production began in the past two years, the product sales slump。
  Second, the first time to solve the problem of enterprise development
  The first time to help enterprises find problems, for enterprises to solve problems。Help Jinhan Company to develop the market, by contacting the municipal Housing and Construction Bureau to list its products in the municipal building materials demand catalog, so that more upstream and downstream enterprises can understand its products and expand sales。We will do a good job in publicizing laws and policies。Coordinate the municipal Social Security Bureau, understand the relevant regulations and policies, explain to enterprises the difference between the new rural cooperative medical care and social security, for30More than one new rural cooperative medical workers successfully applied for social insurance。
  Third, the government's support policy was first publicized
  The municipal Communication Management Office issued a notice on the "nine solutions and one coordination" service enterprises to solve the enterprise network communication problem, and Zhai Xiaohui conveyed the policy to the person in charge of the enterprise at the first time, and strive to improve the network speed, ensure the office needs of enterprises, and promote production and business activities。(Service enterprises do Shijianguo)