High-tech zones do a good job of "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" method to answer the service enterprise volume

来源:   时间: 2023-09-25 16:02
  The high-tech zone fully implements the "nine solutions and one coordination" work deployment, grasps the details, pushes forward various measures, and seriously answers the questionnaires of service enterprises。
  One is to carry out e-commerce enabling "addition"。The Women's Federation of High-tech Zone helped the in-depth development of the "nine solutions and one coordination" work, and held the"@Her business plan--Employment empowerment "e-commerce training course。Training needs to be based, practical operation for the purpose, the effect for the Zong, close 70 Business representatives and community residents teach modern e-commerce knowledge, so that students master basic e-commerce skills。E-commerce training courses not only help enterprises break barriers, open up markets, improve the effect of enterprise e-commerce operations, but also promote community residents to "re-employment" at their doorstep.。
  The second is to set up an examination and approval assistant to do "subtraction"。Government service hall set up enterprise project approval and assistance window。The window staff carried out fine sorting out the matters handled by the enterprise and optimized the simple handling of complex matters。Through the retrieval of database information, assist enterprises to fill in the online declaration, data reuse as the main, check the options as the auxiliary, so that online declaration is simple and fast。Take the initiative to contact various examination and approval departments for enterprises to answer questions, complete the examination and approval on the same day under the requirements of the examination and approval time limit, and further compress the processing time through practical and effective measures to improve the processing time。
  Third, the formation of industry-university-research cooperation to do "multiplication"。The high-tech zone has carried out in-depth cooperation with enterprises in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technological research, talent introduction and education, and cooperation and co-construction。Cooperate with the provincial Science and Technology Department to promote the establishment of "Jilin Province Power Semiconductor Industry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance" led by Hua Microelectronics, gather a number of industrial chain advantages within and outside the region, a number of colleges and universities in the province, in the power system, automotive electronics and other fields to carry out cooperation, to achieve collaborative technological innovation, crack technical problems。Organize Hangsheng Electronics, Wanfeng Aowei Steam Turbine Co., LTD 19 Household enterprises and Jilin University jointly build a school-enterprise research and development center, has completed a centralized contract award。Collecting the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises in the region, accurately docking the advantageous resources of Jilin Medical College, promoting the establishment of talent oriented training cooperation between Cornell Pharmaceutical and the Medical College, Luwang Pharmaceutical and Zhongke Juyan Stem Cell Co., Ltd. signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the Medical and pharmaceutical College。
  Fourth, deepen the relief and solve difficulties by "division"。Carry out the "policy door-to-door service" work, assist enterprises to apply for special funds for science and technology development to their superiors, guide enterprises to make full use of research and development cost policies, and promote Wanfeng Aowei, FAW Jilin, etc 10 Enterprises to strive for "free to enjoy" provincial RD The investment subsidy funds are currently being publicized。The "Enterprise Labor Service Day" recruitment activity was held to effectively alleviate the labor shortage and talent recruitment problems in enterprises。Through the service platform to help enterprises, we can solve the demands of enterprises 182 件。(Service enterprise office Han Wenhui)